Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summary of feedback

Now it’s also time to give little feedback summary for you to see also. First: practical details seemed to all right, everyone liked our house and even more the food. Some people didn’t like mosquitoes so much :) Programme was generally considered balanced, but we were sometimes short on free time. Actually we knew it will be like that and it was planned to be intensive seminar. If we could, we would have made it for eight days or so, but unfortunately that was not possible this time. Group building went well, non-formal learning session was useful and Youth in Action quiz was little bit long (but competitive!), but from your comments we see that it served its purpose. Intercultural groups and rooms were little bit difficult at the beginning, but brought good results in the end. We had too few time for 8 key competences, but there never seems to be enough if people are committed to solving tandem puzzle. Problem is, if it would be longer, everyone would get very tired, and well, shorter it cannot be anyway as we saw. Learning buddies and learning reflection was a new concept for many. However we see it as essential part to develop oneself as learner. Believe me; it took some seven years for me before I fully understand why I should set learning goals and try to reflect from time to time. First three youth exchanges I did I had no clue, what could I learn from it. It all came later :).

Intercultural learning session was seen fun (greetings part) and useful (iceberg part). World cafe part was most complicated one. So many different questions and always the question “Why – not for the application - but why really? What is behind there?” Hopefully more questions raised than were answered. Sorry if me, Kaisa or Anna scared someone (we just tried to help :)).

Seeing Estonian school was appreciated (thank you Silva!) and radio interviews were really cool.

Most of people enjoyed visit to Alaveski, hope us bear-friends are doing well. Let us not forget, that if it wasn’t this park, most of animals living there would be dead.

Last day was the busiest one. Financial calculations part was overall the most highly rated part of the seminar (surprise for us). Also personal and group idea development was successful. Five people are 100 % sure of submitting a youth exchange for 1st October deadline. Seven people are 80 % sure of submitting youth exchange for 1st October deadline. Seven people are 60 % sure of submitting youth exchange for 1st October deadline (main obstacles are connected to future plans: for example if people get in to university or if they have time. Some pointed out that if they don’t manage for 1st October, they will submit for 1st February). Two persons said that they would apply 20 % sure as one would do it probably 1st February and second need to find people together with whom to do it. One person will not apply for 1st October, but will be partner and two people will not apply for 1st October as one wants to make project in summer (will apply for 1st February) and second will make the youth exchange, but in 2013.

What you pointed out is needed to put these ideas to practice:

-          More support from local national agency in country of origin

-          Support from trainers

-          Practical information

-          Advice

-          Keep in touch with organizers, get contacts

-          Information about application forms, rules

-          Experienced person to help

-          Information about non-formal methods

-          Advice on filled in application and feedback

-          Examples of youth exchanges

-         Go abroad with other youth leaders (from same area) to exchange experiences and work together

-          Answers to questions

-          Financial solutions

-          Contacts, reliable partners

-          With project idea implementation

-          Help with defining the project objectives

Generally, I am really satisfied with the results. I think many new ideas rose and I hope the spirit I saw in Vidrike will go on. I have seen few projects with participants so motivated and eager to really do something – something great!  On Monday we will meet with Estonian participants to see what has happened to their ideas. Although we cannot meet our friends outside Estonia now, we still be connected in our group in facebook and all questions are always welcome. We will continue posting on the blog, and answering the questions and we hope that you will do the same. Imagine the day then your good idea is going into practice, you are waiting in airport, with a sign in your hand and soon all the participants for your youth exchange will arrive. And then it begins... :)

Now, it’s 21st June, so I would ask you to open up your Explorer’s Diaries and turn to the last page, to the last question... what did you get from this seminar?


Summary of feedback: 1 (middle) - lowest, 10 (outside) - highest

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